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The Fear of Living a Courageous Life


We carry within us too many fears. Fears that don’t allow us to live fully, entirely, (w)holly. We over-analyse every decision we want to make and step back because it might not be the right one. We are terrified to make mistakes. To pay the cost of our joy, wildness, creativity. We are so used to an ordinary life that we no longer want to aspire to extraordinary. And if we do so, when extraordinary turns into ordinary, what do you do? Do you dare again to take a risk and take into a new adventure? Do you learn the lessons and become again a beginner or do you remain silent and comfortable in your skin for too long to even remember the feeling of being alive?

 Too many people choose a fearful life. Too many systems encourage fear and deny people to dare boldly.

I want to be bolder. I want to put myself out there. I want to make mistakes if that’s the price I need to pay. I want to let myself shine. I want to feel the fear in my bones and still do it. I want this way inspire others to do the same. Because at the end of my life, I don’t wanna see a linear life, the same “balanced” decisions, and fear winning the game.

If I’m mistaken, let me learn that when the time comes. But now I know one thing for sure: the ones who created something meaningful in the world are the ones who dared to take risks, make mistakes and build their crazy ideas. The ones who conformed to society norms wish they lived another life, and never actually made the first step.

So when are you going to take that risk and jump?


This text is for you, hoping to inspire the courage to make the jump. Keep fighting, beautiful.


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