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Marie Forleo & Elizabeth Gilbert: When Creativity Conquers Fear



I’m crazy in love with learning about life management.

When I was little, I used to enjoy reading fables and watching inspirational videos. I then started to read psychology and self-help books, attend soft-skills training and conferences and have deep conversations on what happiness and success are about.  Understanding human mind and self and finding out ways to create a meaningful life is one the most exciting things to me.

This blog started 6 years ago, when I lived in Sweden and since then I have shared a part of my journey, covering not only personal stories, but also occasional learning resources such as book reviews, interviews and talks.

In the last 8 years I have been doing research into personal growth and science to find the right knowledge, tools, stories and techniques to build a life to be proud of. So that’s how I found amazing resources. Now, more than ever, I am going to connect you with the best people, tools and information I stumbled upon in my self-searching and transformation journey, which had a huge contribution to who I am and what I know and do today.

You are about to meet the most courageous, honest and smart people I know who work in personal development, science, education art, entertainment, business, sport, travel and spirituality industries for a holistic approach upon life issues.

You are going to learn from people who stand up for themselves, lead a conscious and joyful life, and do courageous and world-class work, people like Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert, Tal-Ben Sharar, Mark Manson, Allan de Button, Marie Forleo, Ken Robinson, Mattew Hussey, Beyonce, Richard Branson, Oprah and many others.

Knowledge and lessons can be hidden everywhere. It’s up to us to find them, put them into practice and share them with the world. Books, articles, talks, interviews, podcasts, online courses, videos, documentaries, films, art-work, personal stories – you’ll find them here, meant to help you live a fulfilled life.

So let’s get started.

Today’s learning comes from Marie Forleo’s work. What I love the most about her is the honesty with which she shares her life story and learnings. She is smart and funny and has been interested in many things, having had jobs in different industries such as fitness, business, customer service and personal development. She took the best out of them and applied it in her life, so as to achieve joy and success.

Today she is a world-known coach and producer and host of Marie TV, a web television programme. She lives in New York and gives insightful ideas on practical life issues to thousands of hundreds of people.

I chose 2 of her episodes.

The first one is a 5-minute Q & A on the topic on COURAGE – the topic I’ve done most research about lately. The question goes like this: “How do you push yourself to go for your dream when you know you could mess up, fail, might be a tough letdown, a big embarrassment or a wrong path all together?”

Check out her short and practical answer:

The second video is a 45-minute interview with the one and only Elizabeth Gilbert, best-selling author and inspiring human being. If you are used to deal with fears and doubts in the process of creation, then this video is for you.

In this episode, Marie and Elizabeth analyse the relationship between fear and creativity, one that is often misunderstood. In a compassionate way, Elizabeth opens up and shares how she managed to transform her relationship with fear into an advantage.

“The real reason we don’t move creatively ahead is always and only fear.” Elizabeth Gilbert

I’ve been myself paralysed by fears a long part of my life (still am sometimes) and it prevented me from creating because I believed that my work was not original and that I would be misunderstood and criticised. “What if this idea has already been expressed?” Listening to Elizabeth speaking about how important it is to create just for the sake of bringing inner joy and helping one grow as a human being, even though the same message could have already been communicated hundreds of years ago, made so much sense to me and empowered me to keep doing my thing.

Marie addresses great questions on the power of authenticity, the hard work behind a great piece of art and the disadvantages of perfectionism.

“Done is better than good. If you can just finish something, you are already like 10-mile ahead of everybody else because most people won’t.” Elizabeth Gilbert

Hope you have discovered new ideas from these learning resources and if so, please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Thank you for reading and sharing.


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