aaaDSC_0075-940x624Hey there!

My name is Roxana Drăguș and I’m an explorer of life’s wisdom, a perpetual seeker of answers that I hope will lead me to what a good life is about. I read articles and books on psychology, philosophy and spirituality, I journal almost every day, and I am happy when I share my findings and stories.

This space is an invitation for you to get inspired and learn about self-discovery and transformation.

On one side, I write stories on self-knowledge, life-lessons, travelling and people that have had an impact on my life. I travelled accompanied and solo in almost 20 countries, covering over 30 cities and lived in 4 of them. I studied, volunteered and worked in areas such as Human Resources, Communication and Education and I have learned that the world needs more courageous, conscious and kind humans. I am learning to be one of them and I share a part of my journey here.

On the other side I share external learning tools that I have discovered along the way, that helped me believe in myself, dig deeper into discoveries, find out what really matters, understand better how mind works, and connect better with my inner self.

My hope is that these resources meet you at the right moment and are helpful in a way or another.

You can reach me at roxana.andreea.dragus@gmail.com

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