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A Short Letter to Life


Dear life,

You are kind to me. It’s true that I didn’t leave you alone and learned in my own rhythm and way to cherish you. As much as my ego would love to take all the credit for the peaceful and grateful moments I live now, I know deep down that I am not the only creator of my life. My role is only to plant the seeds and take care of them. They grow because of you. 

I learned to have patience for that to happen. It’s a trait that took some time to digest and finally, learn to live with it. I am still learning. Sometimes I master that very well, other times I fail. 

I want to thank you for having patience with me in the moments of despair, judgement, criticism, anger, confusion and uncertainty. You were there and you didn’t reveal the answers in the moment I looked for them, but when I needed to hear. These situations taught me to trust the process of life and ultimately to be patient.

I am right now at peace with myself. It took me some time as you know. But I finally managed to figure things out and co-create clarity and direction in my life. And when I maintained peace in those shady moments, I proved to myself I can move on with grace. 

There are still moments when clouds drift over the sun. And maybe storms will come again. But I now know that I am not that cloud, or that storm. I am much more than that. I learned to look at them, feel pain and confusion, but not attach them to me. Some people call that awareness and non-attachment. I am not sure how to call it, but I know that facing obstacles with grace helps my soul and mind stay healthy and I had already made the decision to be responsible for a healthy life. I decided to be at peace and I am grateful I finally learned how to do it. 

Dear life, thank you for being here for me. There are so many things that are left for me to learn, and the most challenging part – to keep practicing. I feel deeply grateful for living this life and I believe that whatever the future will unfold to me, I will remember that many times I triumphed.

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